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WD-FM: The Official Walt Disney Family Museum Podcast

Located in the historic Presidio of San Francisco, California, The Walt Disney Family Museum is a center for art, animation, and inspiration. Since October 1, 2009, our nonprofit museum has celebrated the remarkable life and legacy of Walt Disney, thanks in large part to Walt's daughter, Diane Disney Miller, who wanted to share her father's story with the world. Now, in recognition of the museum's tenth anniversary, this podcast will do its part to honor the man behind the magic.

Nov 16, 2022

Fantasia released in theaters on November 13, 1940. In celebration of its anniversary, Chris and Bri, co-hosts of WD-FM: The Official Walt Disney Family Museum Podcast, take a deep dive into the film's production, legacy, and groundbreaking techniques. Hear never before heard interview from Walt describing the process of interpreting music into animation.